Getting closer to Jakob

"There is soul in that machine" - Bijan Sabet, twelve collective


From the first time you pick up a Hasselblad and fire the shutter, things can never be the same. Nothing quite matches the feeling, the sensation, the experience. Sure there are others, which provide a great experience, but it's different with a Hasselblad - Isn't it? Maybe it's the build, the noise, the format, the results...maybe it's all of the above? One thing is for sure - it's an engaging experience....maybe it has got soul....just maybe.

The cool tones of Portra 160NC

Jakob over time has played with numerous cameras....bought, sold, swapped, re-bought, re sold. But despite this, the Hasselblad has always remained, or should I say Hasselblads....everyone needs a back up right?

What about Jakob though? What about his style, his genre? Not one to be labelled, but if you had to, I guess you'd say he's a portrait photographer. But that doesn't really tell the full story....He once said "I just like to photograph people, just to see what they look like on a photograph." That kind of sincerity comes through in his images too.

Kate - A popular subject for Jakob

There is something special about Jakob's work. The sincerity is obvious, but it's the engagement that is perhaps more evident and this engagement is clearly not forced, or orchestrated, which helps him to deliver natural honest shots.

For those that have used a Hasselblad, the experience described above is hard to ignore, but in this case, this is only half the story. Is there soul in the machine? Some would say yes, but it's the results that count and it's clear there is certainly a lot of soul put into Jakob's work, whether it be shots of men, woman, and of!