My home is Oslo

My wife and I have lived in Oslo for almost fifteen years and our daughter who is twelve has never lived anywhere else. There is something about this place that keeps us all grounded, rooted, no desire to leave. What is it? Quite simply, this place has everything to offer... including nature.

A lake outside Oslo centre has been my favoured destination this fall and I have walked the 3.3 km trail around it in pursuit of peace, reflection and of course photos. The lake, called Songsvann, always provides new perspectives when visiting again and again and the seasons are different both in terms of light, colour and atmosphere. The last few weeks however have been dark and Oslo has not been particularly photogenic with tightly packed fog without any direct light from the sun. This morning I crossed my fingers that the sun fight its way through the fog and provide life in my photos.

The sun gave me peace of mind.

I used opportunity this morning to shoot my 'one' photo for the Twelve collective. I´m really excited and proud to be part of this project as I have fallen deeply in love with film photography. With film I'm forced to think through what I'm doing and what I would like to achieve and of course there is a lot of excitement not knowing the result until the film is developed and returned from the lab.

In addition to my Hasselblad 501cm I always bring my phone along on my walks and travels, which really comes in handy and enabled me to capture the shots for this blog.

Ok, my one shot is done and I can´t wait to see what this extremely skilled group will come up with. Big thanks to Andrew Spencer for taking the initiative to start this project and I wish good luck to Matt Wilkinson, who will take the second shot! 

Atle Rønningen

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