I’ve lived in Norfolk all my life, moved house a few times but always to the next town or village. It’s only about thirty minutes drive to some beautiful stretches of coastline, which are mostly flat but the broads and beaches more than make up for that. There is something special about the mornings on the Norfolk coast…the air, the view, the peace…the list goes on. I often get down at weekends and sometimes just sit, relax and think..mostly though I’m looking to take some photographs if conditions are on my side…..last weekend, they were….they really were.

There are a number places I visit in the area, one of my favourites is Caister-on-sea. If you’ve followed any of my work, you’ll know I’ve explored long exposure photography previously and the conditions seemed almost perfect, so I set out to try to capture some shots. Something happened while I was shooting this time though - whilst composing for a long exposure, I saw something, which caught my eye. This seemed to be it….the shot….the one shot. So armed with the Hasselblad, I clipped the ’twelve’ film back and fired the shutter….done.

And that’s my story….short, efficient, to the point…it’s only one shot after all…..One shot, however of something great. I’m so proud to be part of this project, which involves so many amazing photographers and is also starting to get some really good exposure. 

Next up, James…good luck.