Nobody's perfect

We have a confession......we made a mistake. 

I was out with friends a few months ago watching a football game and got talking about the project....the concept, the photographers and also the process of how this was possible. As written previously, this project is only possible due to the modularity of the Hasselblad. But there are still rules......there's still a process that needs to be followed....and that's where I failed...I forgot to define the process.

Shoot, then wind, then ship to the next person. (As simply written by Andrew Areoff in his recent post)

Should have been's the basics, right? After the discussion in the pub I suddenly doubted myself, the I checked. What actually happened was shoot, ship, clip and shoot. Something missing though, something pretty fundamental for a project like this......Wind. 

I was initially disappointed, we'd been making really good progress with the project in terms of support. This seemed liked a set back, halted the momentum, but actually we were lucky, fortunate to catch it so early. This could have happened later in the roll, or worse still, never picked up until the very end. The reality was that not too much damage had happened as only two shots had been taken, so we simply started again.  

But hang on a minute, rules are more like guidelines right? As long as you understand them, you can choose to use them, or not....stick to them, or bend them. When this project started out, it was really about can it be done, could this be achieved without any issues. Well, we faced one, dealt with it and moved on.'s critical. I'm sure we'll face more, and I'm confident we'll overcome I said, adapt. 

So what happened to the first shot then? Well, you've probably figured out we had a double exposure.....rules, there to be broken right? Whilst we didn't want to continue with this roll, we did want to develop it, see how it turned out.....truth is, pretty good.

So here it is, a fusion of Norway and Norfolk, the first shot to come out of the twelve project.