Home is where the Hasselblad is

When I heard that the theme for the inaugural Twelve Photographers project was to be ‘Home’ I immediately had an idea in mind.

Home is important to me – I come from a small family and have lived in less than a handful of houses throughout my life. Until I was about 18 I hadn’t left the UK – but since meeting the lady who became my wife I’ve travelled quite a lot because she’s from the US and that’s taken us over the pond a good few times plus other places related to her life and family.

I spent a lot of my childhood at home, purely because my parents worked from their house. So home for a lot of my life has not just been a place to live but also a place of work and activity.

So it seemed a natural choice for me to capture an image that was literally to do with my home.

But then I started to dig a little deeper into what home might mean to others and came up with lots of ideas in my head about how I could represent this concept. It could be a scene from the area I live in – I adore the coastline and live fairly near to it. I live overlooking the countryside – I love taking pictures of landscapes with its changing weather and light. Home could be a feeling; a place you feel most comfortable in your mind – so perhaps the image could be a depiction of a person, an activity, a feeling of where I belong.

I love seeing how other people live, their environment, the things that surround them where they feel most comfortable, or indeed where and how they have to live because of the way their lives are.

So there were so many possibilities for my image of ‘home’.  But when it came down to setting up and taking that single shot to represent what it means for me, I was driven by what felt just right and comfortable rather than what might be considered more metaphorical or elaborate.